Corporate History

Dec. 1965 Established Aiden in Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan as a specialized trading company of Factory Automation. Started sales buisiness.
Feb. 1967 Due to the development of the buisiness, reorganized as Aiden Co. Ltd with capital fund of one million yen.
Oct .1968 Concluded an agency agreement with Sanx (Panasonic Industrial Marketing & Sales)
Jun. 1979 Established Atsugi branch in Atsugi, Kanagawa
Jan. 1982 Established Fukuoka branch in Kurume, Fukuoka
Oct. 1982 Conclued an agency agreement with Eyegraphics
Jul. 1983 Concluded an agency agreement with Valcom
Jun. 1984 Established Saitama branch in Omiya(Currently known as: Saitama-city), Saitama
Mar. 1986 Opened Tama branch in Higashi-Murayama, Tokyo
Jun. 1988 Concluded an agency agreement with Rockwell Automation Japan
Jan. 1989 Established Engineering Dept. in head quarter
Jun. 1989 Increased capital to 25 million yen.
Apr. 1997 Concluded an agency agreement with IAI
Apr. 2001 Moved headquarter to Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Dec. 2001 Established Kumamoto branch in Kikuchi-gun, Kumamoto
Dec. 2001 Established Hiroshima branch in Hirosima
Feb. 2002 Merged Tama branch and Saitama branch
Jun. 2004 Established Osaka branch in Suita, Osaka
Feb. 2005 Establised Nagano branch in Suwa, Nagano
Jul. 2005 Concluded an agency agreement with Cognex
Dec. 2006 Established Aiden Jing Co.Ltd. (Shanghai) with capital of 40million US$
Mar. 2012 Estalisheded Kitakanto branch in Utsunomiya, Tochigi
Sep. 2012 Established Aiden Automation (Thailand) in Bangkok, Thailand.
Jan. 2013 Established Shanghai Baijing- in Shanghai, China
Apr. 2014 Established New Buisiness Dept. in Head quarter (Sales of Cognex Vidi’s deep learning package begun)
Jan. 2016 Established Minami-Urawa branch of New Buisiness Dept. in Minami-Urawa, Saitama
Feb. 2016 Moved Nagano branch to 2950-3, Nakasu, Suwa, Nagano
Apr. 2019 Moved Kumamoto branch to our own building in Kikuchi-gun, Kumamoto
Jul. 2019 Concluded an agency agreement with JCC (Started sales of Early Observer)
Oct. 2019 Moved Fukuoka branch to 1557-5, Aikawacho, Kurume, Fukuoka
Nov. 2019 Got a Construction License
Dec. 2019 Moved headquater to 1-1-9, Narihira, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Jan. 2020 Promote environmental preservation activity, started working to SDGs
May. 2020 Got a License for Worker Dispatching Undertakings
Jun. 2020 Moved New Buisiness Dept. to Omiya office, 4-379-1, Sakuragicho, Omiya-ku, Saitama, Saitama