Head Quarter/Tokyo Branch

5F. A Bld., 1-1-9, Narihira, Sumida, Tokyo 130-0002,Japan Map ▶ TEL 03-5608-7690
FAX 03-5608-7697

New Buisiness Dept. Omiya Branch

4F.Andoukousan Bld., 4-379-1, Sakuragicho, Omiya, Saitama, Saitama 330-0854, Japan Map ▶ TEL 048-650-4510
FAX 048-642-0111

West Tokyo Branch

2F. Ace Bld., 1-6-26, Higashi-Benzai,Asaka, Saitama 351-0022, Japan Map ▶ TEL 048-468-1800

Osaka Branch

11-34, Toyotsucho, Suita, Osaka 564-0051, Japan Map ▶ TEL 06-6339-2433
FAX 06-6339-5904

Atsugi Branch

#403 Pastoral Bld., 1-8-6, Asahicho, Atsugi, Kanagawa 243-0014, Japan Map ▶ TEL 046-227-1361
FAX 046-227-1348

Hiroshima Branch

Kinoshita Kogyo Bld., 2-26, Teramachi, Hiroshimashi-Nakaku, Hirosima 730-0801, Japan Map ▶ TEL 082-503-1060
FAX 082-503-1070

Nagano Branch

1F. Nagano Conecta Bld., 2950-3, Nakasu, Suwa, Nagano 392-0015, Japan Map ▶ TEL 0266-54-3150
FAX 0266-54-3157

Fukuoka Branch

#5 Office Parea KurumeⅡ, 1557-5, Aikawacho, Kurume, Fukuoka 839-0861, Japan Map ▶ TEL 0942-34-8841
FAX 0942-34-8830

Kitakanto Branch

2F-Room3, 3020-1, Imaizumicho, Utsunomiya, Tochigi 321-0962, Japan Map ▶ TEL 028-305-3124
FAX 028-305-3125

Kumamoto Branch

2385-3, Tsukure, Kikuyoumachi, Kikuchi-gun, Kumamoto 869-1101 Map ▶ TEL 096-340-2322
FAX 096-340-2323

Nagoya Branch

Nagoya Branch

Level 4, Nagoya Nikko Shoken Building 3-2-3 Sakae Naka-ku Map ▶ TEL 052-269-8133
FAX 0266-54-3157

Oversea bases

Shanghai, China

Aiden Jing (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. is estalished as 100%-owned subsidialy by Aiden Co. Ltd.(Tokyo, Japan) in 2006.
As a trading company (specialized in Factory Automation), we supply FA equipments, automated devices, control soncoles, and etc. to our end users and equipment manufacturers to fullfill their needs.

Shanghai, China (Factory)

Aiden Co.Ltd. established a factory (Shanghai Baijing ) as the second base in Shanghai, China. We frexibly response your requests such as designing/producting control console, and structing devices. We are also able to trade among three countries (Japan, China, and Thailand).

Bangkok, Thailand

Aiden Automation (Thailand) Co,. Ltd. was established in Bangkok. They have abundant line-up of products such as electromechanical components, machine parts, control panel, and control system, etc. Those products are mainly imported from Japan, but also from Europe, the US, China, and other Asian countries to satisfy our customers’ various needs. Also, we assist our customer to expand in overseas.