Manufacturer Product Classification
IAI CORPORATION Various robots, Electrical cylinder Mechanical
EYE GRAPHICS CO.,LTD. UV curing device Others
Asyril SA Parts feeding system Mechanical
Azbil Corporation Various sensors Sensing device
Apiste Corporation Board cooler Others
APEX DYNAMICS INC.,JAPAN Decelerator for servomotor (Taiwan) Velocity/positioning control system
Algo System Touch panel computer User interface
HMS (Ewon) VPN router for industries Others
Energy Control Technologies (ECT) Software for rotation control (the US) Others
igus k.k. Cable bear (Germany) Others
Wittenstein Decelerator (Germany) Velocity/positioning control system
EIZO Corporation LCD monitor User interface
SDS Co., LTD. PC locker and various racks Others
ifm electronic gmbh Various sensors (Germany) Sensing Device
SUS Corporation. Aluminium flame Others
ELMO COMPANY, LIMITED Surveillance system Others
Elenix, Inc Fine hole electric discharge machine, Plasma discharge sintering device Processor
Optex Various sensors Sensing device
Optex FA Image sensor, Laser displacement meter Sensing device
IBS Pump , Valve Mechanical
Eaton (Bussman) Various fuses (the US) Electrical control unit
nVent Enclosure Others


Manufacturer Product Classification
Kawamura Electric Inc. Cabinet, various boxes Others
Kishu Giken Kogyo Co., Ltd. Inkjet printer Others
KRONE CORPORATION Various pressure sensor Sensing device
Korenix Technology Hub for industries, converter (Taiwan) Others
KOGANEI CORPORATION Various pneumatic systems Mechanical
Cognex Image processing device (the US) Image processing
KOJIMA INSTRUMENTS INC. Various fluid machine Sensing device


Manufacturer Product Classification
Sanyo denki Servomotor, UPS oil-proof fan, DC fan Electrical control unit
Sanryusha Synchronous motor Velocity/positioning control system
JCC Encoder, various sensor Sensing device
CCS Inspection LED lighting Image processing
System arts Indicator User interface
SICK Various sensors Sensing device
Shimatec Inspection LED lighting Image processing
SHINKO ENGINEERING Co., Ltd. Module robot system Mechanical
SINTOKOGIO,LTD. Electric cylinder Mechanical
SENTEC Various sensors Sensing device
Solton Co.,Ltd. Various connectors Others
Schneider Electric Japan Holdings Ltd. Revolving lights, Indicating lights, Speech synthesizer User interface


Manufacturer Product Classification
Takashima Sangyo Co.,LTD. High quality desktop precision processing machine Processor
TOHO ELECTRONICS INC. Temperature controller Sensing device
DESTACO Electric smart clamp, Gripper, and other various pneumatic systems Pneumatic systems, Mechanical
DATALOGIC 1D/2D code reader, Sensors, Image processing, Laser marker Image processing, Sensing device


Manufacturer Product Classification
Nakamura Electric MFG. Co., Ltd. Various explosion-proof equipment Others
ASCO Japan Co., Ltd. Various solenoid valve (the US) Mechanical
Nihon Pisco Co., Ltd. Variou pneumatic parts Mechanical
Nippon Busch K.K. Vacuum Pump (Germany) Others
NIPPON FLOW CELL Flowmeter, Fuid control device Sensing device
Nidec-Shimpo Corporation Running gear (e.g. decelerator) Mechanical
New-Era Co., Ltd. Various cylinders, various hands Mechanical


Manufacturer Product Classification
Parker Hannifin Japan Various hydraulic parts (France) Mechanical
HARTING Technology Group Industrial connecter (Germany) Others
HASEGAWA MACHINE WORKS LTD Small NC lathe, Small machining center Processor
Hakko Electronics Co., Touch panel User interface
PATLITE Network correspondence equipment Electrical control unit
BANNER Various sensors (the US) Sensing device
Panasonic Sensors, Image processing, Laser Marker, Sequencer Programable control unit, Image processing, User interface, Velocity/positioning control system ,Electrical control unit, Sensing device
Balluff Various sensors Sensing device
VALCOM CO.,LTD Pressure sensor, Panel meter, various load cell Sensing device
HAYASHI-REPIC Inspection LED lighting Image processing
Panduit Corp. Japan Branch Network equipment Others
B&PLUS KK Remote system, various sensor Sensing device
Hirata Corporation Vaious robots Mechanical
HIROTAKA MFG. CO.,LTD. Cell lock cylinder Mechanical
Festo K.K. Various pneumatic device Mechanical
FELLOW KOGYO CO., LTD. Various level meter Sensing device
ProSoft Technology, Inc. Communication module (the US) others
Bosch Rexroth Aluminium profile (Germany) Others
Fortive ICG Japan Co.,Ltd. Encoder, Indicator (Germany) User inteface, sensing device


Manufacturer Product Classification
Markem-Imaje Marking device (the US) Others
MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Sequencer, AC servo, Inverter, Motor, Touch panel Programable control unit, User interface, Velocity/positioning control system ,Electrical control unit, Mechanical
MUTOH INDUSTRIES LTD. Detector Sensing device
Mujin, Inc. Controller, SIM, Robot systems, Scanner Robot
MUNAZO INC. WEBSCAN, STRATIX ISO comformed barcode verifier Image processing
Moritex Inc. Inspection LED lighting Image processing
MARS TOHKEN SOLUTION CO. LTD. Barcode reader Sensing device


Manufacturer Product Classification
Rittal  Enclosure, Board cooler (Germany) Others
REJ Drive system Velocity/positioning control system
Raytronics Corp., Inspection LED lighting Image processing
Rockwell Automation (Allen-Bradley) Sequencer, Inverter, Servo, Board equipment, Safty device (US) Programable control unit, User interface, Velocity/positioning control system ,Electrical control unit, Sensing device, Mechanical
Robotics-Engineering,Inc. Control monitoring screen development (HMI development), Software development Others


Manufacturer Product Classification
Watanabe Electric Industry Co. Ltd. Signal converter Sensing device